Yes we do, business orders to be placed by 12 noon.

You sure can, please contact us 09 212 1242, and speak to a friendly staff member.

Saturdays only.

It does depend on the individual flower as some are longer lasting than others, but we will always endeavour to send the freshest products so that they last as long as possible. Flowers are best kept out of direct sunlight in a cool space. Trim the stems on an angle to ensure they are well hydrated. Try to change the water every second day to ensure long-lasting and freshness.

Please give our store a call 09 212 1242, and we will be happy to rectify the situation, to avoid any customer disappointment.

We have a 3 hr turn around. to ensure business deliveries get there on time, please make sure your order is placed by 11:30 am. However, household deliveries will sure to be delivered well within 3hrs of the order. We have two cycles, one in the morning at 9:30, and one in the afternoon at 1.30 pm.



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